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Building a stronger UK automotive supply chain

With a resurgent UK automotive sector, now is the time to invest and innovate, says Richard Hall, President Automotive for Schaeffler UK, an engine, transmission and chassis components and systems supplier.

The UK automotive sector is hugely important to the UK economy, employing more than 700,000 people and investing over ?1.5 billion in R&D every year. The strength and capability of the automotive supply chain is a critical factor in driving growth and attracting inward investment.

Richard Hall

According to the SMMT (Society of Motor Manufacturers & Traders), around a quarter of automotive companies in the UK are Tier 1 suppliers supplying directly into UK-based OEMs, and 42% are Tier 2. Over the last two years OEMs have pledged more than ?6 billion of investment in the UK automotive market generating huge growth opportunities across the UK supply chain. A recent survey carried out by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills has revealed that UK-based OEMs want to source ?3 billion worth of product from UK suppliers. With the UK being such a high producer of engines, it’s hardly surprising that a high proportion of this figure relates to commodities for the engine such as castings, forgings and accessories.

So why are UK-based engine manufacturers now looking to localise component suppliers? Ford, for example, produced over 1.7 million engines at its Bridgend and Dagenham plants in 2011 out of a UK production total of 2.5 million. First, it is critical that these companies manage their supply chain inventories and the deliveries of engine components to their UK engine plants. For example, in the case of Ford, having Schaeffler’s tappet production plant located just 20 miles from its Bridgend engine plant, means that it can take delivery of graded engine tappets in smaller batches and more frequently, as and when it requires them, with far less supply chain risk than if it had to import these components from the Far East or South America.

Also, with unforeseen natural disasters such as floods in Thailand or the Tsunami in Japan, security of supply is also now a critical factor in supply chain decision-making. Engine manufacturers also have to consider how volatile a supplier’s exchange rate is for a particular engine component. Using local suppliers can help to smooth out any of these unforeseen currency fluctuations.

This growing interest and commitment from global vehicle manufacturers to source more components in the UK is being supported by the Automotive Council and the SMMT, which has set up and hosted six separate ‘Meet the Buyer’ events since 2010. These networking events are designed to match OEM- sourcing demand with local UK suppliers. According to the SMMT, in 2011 these events facilitated more than 400 one-to-one meetings between vehicle manufacturers and UK Tier 1 and 2 suppliers, covering more than 80 different automotive commodities. Feedback has indicated that the events are popular and successful, with the majority of companies attending having received at least one positive lead to follow up after the events.

As a manufacturer of high precision mechanical tappets for internal combustion engines, Schaeffler UK is reaping the benefits of this inward investment by the OEMs. It recognised some years ago that it needed to invest in its UK production plant in order to support the major vehicle OEMs, investing heavily in new capital equipment for its plant in Llanelli, South Wales in 2011 and 2012. The company committed several million Euros in new surface coating technology for tappets, as well as a massive 66-tonne deep drawing press, which enables the plant to produce highly repeatable, superior quality mechanical tappets and other automotive engine components for OEMs.

The new coating machine enables Schaeffler to coat the surface of engine components with an ultra-thin, extremely hard, multi-layer coating. Applied using special, vacuum-controlled chambers, this coating minimises friction between mating components in the engine, resulting in lower fuel consumption and reduced CO2 emissions.

The new deep drawing press enables the plant to press tappet blanks to ‘near net shape’ i.e. as close to the finished product as possible. By deep drawing the tappets, the plant is now able to manufacture a more cost-effective alternative to the traditional forged and turned design.

The investment in new capital equipment at Llanelli will enable Schaeffler to supply Ford with over 20 million low friction tappets per year if required. These tappets are already helping Ford to improve the fuel efficiency of its engines and to minimise CO2 emissions, particularly evident on Ford’s new Ecoboost gasoline range.

Schaeffler supplies mechanical tappets for use on Ford’s 3-cylinder 1.0 Ecoboost engine, which was recently named ‘International Engine of the Year’, voted for by more than 75 journalists from 35 countries. As well as supplying tappets for this award-winning engine, Schaeffler supplies the VCT (variable cam timing) system, another technology contributing to improved fuel efficiency and lower CO2 emissions. In addition, for some regions of the world, Schaeffler will also supply an idler for the Front End Accessory Drive.

Schaeffler is continuously developing new lightweight, lower friction, more energy-efficient components and systems for vehicle engines, transmissions and chassis. This is helping to reduce the weight of the vehicle, improve fuel consumption and minimise CO2 emissions in order to help OEMs meet ever-tighter European vehicle emissions targets.

Innovation and collaborative working with vehicle manufacturers is also important. Ford and Schaeffler have worked together on a number of projects, both within and outside of the UK. As well as supplying tappets to Bridgend and Dagenham in the UK, Schaeffler supplies tappets for Ford’s engines built in Spain, Romania, Germany, Brazil, India and China. Schaeffler even has a resident project engineer based at Ford’s Dunton Technical Centre in Essex, who is responsible for ensuring the smooth integration of Schaeffler components and systems into Ford engines.

Resident engineers work closely with the vehicle manufacturer’s design team, resulting in clearer, faster communication. In Schaeffler’s case, any new automotive components, modules or system innovations can be communicated quickly and effectively to the design engineers. This usually includes tailoring a specific Schaeffler system or component for the customer – adding real value where it matters.

By working in close partnership with vehicle manufacturers, suppliers can react much faster and can quickly identify new business opportunities. By having a resident engineer close to the customer, the supplier gains a deeper understanding of new, relevant R&D projects. Knowing what a vehicle manufacturer is working on now and in the near future is priceless information. This could help to generate more business in the form of more projects, which in turn leads to increased growth and security of jobs for the supplier. This increased business can then cascade down the supply chain to lower tier suppliers, ultimately resulting in benefits for UK plc as a whole. Of course, this close working also benefits the vehicle manufacturer since they can tap into the supplier’s knowledge by quickly accessing the relevant areas of expertise within the organisation through the resident engineer.

For more information on Schaeffler’s automotive sector, please call Schaeffler UK’s Marketing Department on 0121 313 5870. Alternatively, email


source: Schaeffler UK

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泵送,搅拌,混合 – NORD DRIVESYSTEMS为加工行业提供可靠的驱动技术,增加的轴承间距。这确保了最大的径向和轴向负载能力以及更高的齿轮箱使用寿命。 搅拌器用户受益于NORD驱动器的可选加强输出轴轴承,使齿轮箱能够吸收高轴向和径向过程力,从而延长使用寿命. 通常,标准齿轮单元设计成允许大量比率,相应的速度也不同。但是就组件安全性而言,它们的尺寸足以匹配预期的电机功率。轴承也符合这些预期的标准要求。通常,如果输出轴上的力超过齿轮箱容量,则选择较大的齿轮单元。这是因为标准壳体不允许增加轴承间距或实现更大的轴承。不必要增加成本。 NORD DRIVESYSTEMS提供特定应用设备,具有高性能和高效率,专为泵,搅拌器和混料器设计,它们工作中会产生高径向和轴向轴承负载。还提供增加轴承间距和加强轴承的搅拌器型号(VL2轴承)以及带有额外油滴板和泄漏或油传感器的Drywell型号(VL3轴承)。随着附件的增加,VL2和VL3版本的轴承间距增加,而齿轮箱尺寸保持不变。 NORD还提供加大轴承尺寸,以满足泵或搅拌器等应用的要求。 化学,制药,食品或水处理领域 – NORD DRIVESYSTEMS提供的强大驱动解决方案可提供非常可靠的并确保无障碍运行。增强的和更大的输出轴轴承允许齿轮箱吸收高轴向和径向力,从而延长使用寿命。



This article, press release or announcement is translated from BearingNEWS ( publications or from China Bearing Commercial Community (CBCC) sources 作者: Dave Hull, 精密部件股份有限公司的创始人兼总裁 你对美国施加给中国的301关税感到困惑吗?深感困惑的不止你一个人。我在上海轴承交易会上交谈的大多数人都对此疑问重重, 而我们精密部件股份有限公司非常乐意为大家解疑。 我在轴承行业工作了40余年且成功处理了4宗轴承反倾销案例,因此积累了充分的知识来作为顾问为大家提供有益的建议。 尽管我和我的团队习惯于有偿提供建议,但是这个问题却被极端误解,以至于大家认为免费提供这些信息才是符合该行业的最佳利益。 美中贸易战让很多中国公司感到无助,然而多数人选择不作为,期待问题会自己解决。相反的是,美国公司正被迫转向其他国家购买急需的轴承及轴承零件。虽然我们无法期望多数中国商人了解美国政府的内部运作,但是让他们知道如何更好的找准自己的出路和定位是非常重要的。 我们建议中国公司制定短期、中期及长期战略来减少301关税对其在贸易上的影响。如果知道特朗普总统和习主席何时能够解决这个问题,我们会告诉你,但我们现在还不知道;因此,如果您符合标准,首先也是最即时的做法应该是申请豁免。这是迄今为止可以做到的最好的短期策略。但是提交申请的截止日期是2018年10月9日,所以你必须及早行动。该申请流程非常简单(最多2页),可以免费申请,无需聘请律师,当然,你也可以选择聘其代劳。 所有在统一关税表上代码以8482开头的轴承都列在第一号清单上,这些产品都将被加征 25%的关税。该新关税从2018年7月6日起正式生效,所有从中国运往美国的轴承和轴承部件都将受到影响。我从中国公司中听到的最常见的观点是: “我们不在乎,因为我们不会支付关税” ,对此我会反问: “那么你的客户则需支付额外的25%。要是他们开始购买来自印度而不是中国的轴承及其产品,你将如何维持自己的贸易? “真若到了那一刻,则为时晚矣。 PCI前往华盛顿特区并在美国贸易代表署听证会上作证,建议将轴承产品从第一号清单中删除。几乎每家公司都被问及他们的产品能否可以从中国以外的国家获得。短期而言,美国公司不会改变其供应商,但随着贸易战的延续,他们将自费寻找其他货源。大多数美国大公司均有资源从其他国家采购零件。因此随着贸易战愈演愈烈,对于每个人,尤其是对中国制造商而言,后果就越糟糕。 我将与大家分享一些非常重要的信息,希望会有所帮助。 如果您有幸获得豁免,它的有效期是1年。所有产品的退款将追溯至关税生效期(2018年7月6日)。如果您是登记在册的进口商并且正在支付关税,那么您就有权获得该退款。为了更好地维持您的业务,您可能需要考虑代表您的客户提交豁免申请,以便他们不必继续支付关税并被迫从另一个国家寻找替代您的公司。 当然,这些都是关于金钱和对美国企业的不利影响。说明上明确规定,不能要求对整个高温超导类别都申请豁免。已经做出的决定是不会豁免整个高温超导型号。您独特的零件子集必须能够作为子集准确识别。 不要申请豁免所有6203开头的型号,这将会浪费你的时间。但是,如果您使用哥特式拱形球道制作6203类产品、带有非标准孔的特殊农业密封件及用于老式应用中使用非标准外直径的维修部件,且确保世界上其他任何地方都没有制造(并且可验证)这些产品的公司的话,那您值得一试。 在回答豁免申请表上的问题时,你可以详尽地描述你认为应该豁免的产品。这些产品必须是少于10位数制的统一关税表上的单个零件或零件组。你可以要求对单个零件号进行豁免。最重要的是,无论你申请的是何种单个零件亦或零件组,你都必须描述详细确保美国海关能够区分你申请豁免的零件和其他类似零件。举个例子,有些零件上可能有特殊的孔径或键槽。 需要谨记的是中国使用8位数制的高温超导代码,而美国使用10位数制。确保你使用的是美国标准的高温超导编号系统,而非中国的编号系统。两者主要区别在于美国使用2个附加数字来收集更详细的数据。 有些问题你必须明确回答“是”或者“否”,例如该产品在美国或中国以外的国家能否制造。如果你的回答是“否”的话,则须在以下问题中给出可供验证的信息。 自从我的公司在7月份第一次申请豁免以来,有一个问题一直被加至问询中。这个问题旨在帮助那些审查豁免请求的人确定其豁免对美国经济的影响。该产品是在美国深加工还是只用于安装在机器上?它是作为轴承出售给经销商然后转售其产品吗?这是我怀疑会在法学院辩论的法律难题之一。轴承本身并无大用,只有将其安装到其他机械中才能发挥作用。 我们精密部件股份有限公司为美国市场供应轴承和轴承零件,目前也遭受关税的影响。尽管我们希望两国能够尽快达成协议; 但是在不确定性仍然存在的时刻,我们正制定短期、中期和长期战略来尽量减少关税的影响。我们欢迎大家共同商讨长期战略以期能够协助整个行业。   Dave Hull是精密部件股份有限公司的创始人兼总裁,在过去28年中他为许多主要制造商提供工程金属产品和服务。想了解更多关于Dave Hull先生的信息,您可以在www.pcomponents.com网站上查看他的简历。 所有事实和数据均基于精密部件股份有限公司和精密部件股份有限公司亚洲分公司的研究成果。        



This article, press release or announcement is translated from BearingNEWS ( publications or from China Bearing Commercial Community (CBCC) sources 作为动力传动行业亚洲第一、世界第二大的国际性专业展会——亚洲国际动力传动与控制技术展览会(以下简称:亚洲国际动力传动展)始终不遗余力地推进行业智能制造发展。将于今年11月6-9日在上海新国际博览中心举行的2018亚洲国际动力传动展以“驱动未来”为口号,主打智能制造,以行业最新产品、技术与解决方案助力实践“中国制造2025”。 随着动力传动制造技术与信息技术、智能技术的深化融合,行业智能制造水平和技术创新能力大幅提高,重大施工装备和技术成果不断涌现。行业正朝着创新、高端、智能、绿色的方向加速发展,全力迈向产业技术制高点。 在本届展会上,参展企业集中围绕“智能制造”推出最新产品,对接市场。继去年首次推出便大获成功的“智能制造示范展区”,今年更将重磅打造,以“工业4.0蓄势待发——智能传动与流体动力的智慧解决方案”为主题,积极邀请伦茨、ABB、弗兰德(西门子)、SEW、斯凯孚、舍弗勒、林德液压、雅歌辉托斯、布赫液压和穆格等行业大牌企业展示应用行业解决方案,以最新科学技术演绎魅力工业风。同时,此项与德国机械设备制造业联合会(VDMA)联合主办的展区还将配套举办智能制造论坛,让观众零距离获享德国传动工业领航技术。 此外,涵盖十大主题展区的亚洲国际动力传动展持续发力,为海内外企业拓展国际市场搭建独一无二的商贸平台。截至目前,已吸引土耳其、美国、西班牙、葡萄牙、日本、印度、罗马尼亚等多国企业参展,还有来自德国、意大利和韩国等的国家展团倾力献演。在液气密板块,有中意液压、油威力、华力液压、杭州爱力、国瑞液压、汉商、斯普瑞、华东油压、圣克赛斯、优瑞纳斯、韩独油压、北京铸通、南京机电、苏强格、兴明液压、镇江液压、凯斯特、津达、博顿、宁波华液、索诺、鑫潮、亿太诺、尼尔森、德氏封、KASTAS、司达行、埃雷特和意氟。在轴承板块,有安凯易、长城、达克、旭欧和雅高。在齿轮/电气传动板块,有弗兰德(西门子)、伦茨、邦飞利、麦尔、普瑞玛、应拓柯、诠世、瑞班、金龙、中德传动、安波、华力、兴达、光陆、特波、方力和中大力德。在带/链/弹簧板块,有盖茨、阪东、Contitech、麦高迪、SIT、东华、恒久、Wulf、永利百合、雷诺德、中益、希普拓、慕贝尔和力司百灵。 同时,随着中国推进“一带一路”建设,为动力传动行业带来了广阔的海外市场。企业积极拓展国际业务,加强沿线国家布局,收效显著。主办方表示,展会也通过各种市场渠道组织海外买家赴会采购,并得到了欧洲液压与气动委员会(CETOP)、德国机械设备制造业联合会(VDMA)、意大利流体动力协会(ASSOFLUID)、英国流体动力协会(BFPA)、韩国机械产业振兴会(KOAMI)、德国联邦采购物流协会(BME)和欧洲动力传动经销商协会(EPTDA)在海外观众组织上的大力支持。届时,预计将有来自全球80多个国家和地区的观众和采购商到会。其中,国内大型制造企业买家团数量将继续增长。2017年,亚洲国际动力传动展获得了上海电气、潍柴动力、宝钢工程、法兰泰克、兰石、阿特拉斯科普柯,凯泉泵业、上海港机、江淮银联、杭州巨星、正泰电气、上海宝松、上海比亚迪等众多参观团的高度评价。 拥有28年发展历程的亚洲国际动力传动展,不断创新求变,而唯一不变的则是深耕亚洲市场,服务全球贸易。今年展会还在世界顶级工业技术盛会——2018汉诺威工业博览会现场召开推介会,为欧洲乃至全球观众传递展会及中国工业发展的最新资讯。 转型升级,智造先行。亚洲国际动力传动展在智能制造的道路上不断前行,将与今年同期召开的亚洲国际物流技术与运输系统展览会、上海国际压缩机及设备展览会、上海国际工业零部件及分承包展、亚洲国际冷链设备及技术展览会和国际科创园区博览会打造“六展同台”的工业饕餮盛宴,助力中国动力传动行业“智慧腾飞”。 由中国液压气动密封件工业协会、中国机械通用零部件工业协会、德国汉诺威展览公司和汉诺威米兰展览(上海)有限公司共同主办的2018亚洲国际动力传动与控制技术展览会预计规模7万平方米,同期将举办十多场高峰论坛和技术研讨会,包括:中国国际汽车变速器及高效传动技术研讨会、工程机械供需对接交流会暨联盟省级发展论坛、VDMA智能制造论坛、中国石油化工装备高峰论坛和2018中国盾构机制造与技术高峰论坛等。 您的新闻联系人 王婷 汉诺威米兰展览会(中国)有限公司新闻部 上海浦东新区银霄路393号 百安居浦东商务大厦301 邮编:201204 电话:021-50456700转253分机 传真:021-50459355 E-mail: 获取更多资讯请关注汉诺威展览官方微信:



This article, press release or announcement is translated from BearingNEWS ( publications or from China Bearing Commercial Community (CBCC) sources EMEF选择斯凯孚的低维护圆锥滚子轴承单元替代Corail客车Y32转向架上的现有圆锥滚子轴承。 2018年6月27日瑞典哥德堡市,葡萄牙铁路机车车辆维修运营商EMEF正在交付斯凯孚密封预润滑圆锥滚子轴承(130x220mm),以取代配备Y32型转向架的Corail客车中现有的类似尺寸的圆锥滚子轴承。更换仅需要对轴箱套和后盖进行简单的修改,这可以由EMEF操作。 斯凯孚的这种替代产品由于其较低的生命周期成本和良好的维护优势而被选中,其中包括将维修间隔从目前的500,000公里延长至800,000公里(或八年,以最早者为准)。另外,与现有的TRB装置相比,新型的圆锥滚子轴承的安装和拆卸更加简单,该装置使用两个匹配的单个圆锥滚子轴承单元,通过定距环把不同的轴承分开。 EMEF自2012年以来已给Y32转向架安装了约16 个圆锥滚子轴承。在覆盖距离为50万公里的情况下,2015年有8个轴承被拆下检查,发现其状况“非常好”。作为这次试验的结果,EMEF决定用新解决方案替换79个Corail车厢中现有的632 圆锥滚子轴承,预计将在2019年完成。         斯凯孚是铁路行业的全球供应商,专注于为货运和公共交通市场提供服务。该公司向原始设备制造商和最终用户提供涵盖轮对轴承,轴箱,驱动系统轴承,润滑系统,密封解决方案和状态监测等多种斯凯孚技术平台的解决方案。斯凯孚还提供售后服务,如再制造服务,现场工程服务,产品培训和升级。

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