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Tracking a star to power a planet

The global solar energy market’s unprecedented growth has resulted in the twin challenges of delivering ever-higher performance and at the same time cutting generation costs. SKF has developed specific industry solutions that are designed to deliver lower total cost of ownership by providing a levelized cost of electricity through higher performance, lower maintenance requirements and longer product life.

solar tracking

Solar electric energy demand has grown by an average of 40 % a year over the past two decades against a backdrop of rapidly falling costs and prices. Consequently, solar equipment manufacturers and operators are being challenged by the requirements of installing large systems that offer consistent generating performance over a lifetime of 20 years or more, ideally with minimum operating, maintenance and downtime costs. Further, the industry needs to continue driving down cost of the solar technology in order for solar to become fully competitive against fossil fuels. This means the industry has to find ways to maximize power output at minimal cost.

SKF solar 1

Solar technologies

The use of reliable and precise solar tracking solutions supports such cost-reduction ambitions. Whether it involves photovoltaics (PV), concentrating photovoltaics (CPV) or concentrating solar power (CSP) (fig. 1), SKF offers an extensive range of maintenance-free solutions related to solar tracking. These encompass innovative products such as SKF Solar Linear Actuators (part of the SKF BeyondZero portfolio) and the SKF Solar Hub developed specifically for the solar market (fig. 2). Both products are designed, assembled, tested and validated by SKF. Furthermore, SKF provides maintenance-free bearing solutions with the possibility of integrating them with housings that are fully sealed for the life of the product.

These specific solutions are also backed by more than 100 years of application engineering knowledge supported by the group’s engineering consultancy service. Bearings and mechatronics products are parts of an extensive platform of engineering solutions that also include lubrication and seals. In addition, SKF is a world-class volume manufacturer that can offer a global service to the international solar market.

SKF solar 2

SKF solutions for the solar market. 1 Bearings 2 SKF Solar Hub 3 SKF Solar Linear Actuator

Why solar tracking
Tracking systems are important features in efficient solar power generation as they help to increase the power output of photovoltaic panels – a dual-axis tracker can raise it by up to 40 % – and to fully capture the sun’s radiation for CPV and CSP systems (fig. 3). To maximize energy generation, these systems need to have high performance characteristics such as robustness and accurate positioning, as well as providing a reliable solution capable of operating in harsh outdoor conditions. A solar tracking system has to track the sun with a certain accuracy depending on the technology. PV technology tracks the sun within ± 1 degree, while CPV technology tracks the sun at ± 0.1 degree. Hence, it is important to have drive systems without too much play, or “backlash”. Otherwise, as the wind blows, the system will rock back and forth, either losing efficiency or not generating any power at all.

SKF solar 3

Demand on CPV systems

SKF offers globally all the drives and components needed for solar tracking applications with the added benefit that they are virtually maintenance-free.
Electromechanical actuators, such as the Solar Linear Actuator and the Solar Hub, are used in tracking systems to move the solar panel in an east-west direction (called “azimuth” movement) or a north-south direction (called “elevation” movement), or both.

Tracking solutions
The solutions encompass an azimuth function thanks to the SKF Solar Hub, an elevation function with SKF’s solar linear actuators in the CASD series, plus appropriate bearings from SKF’s extremely wide assortment (fig. 2). Such solutions are suitable for most types of solar generation – photovoltaic panels, concentrating photovoltaic panels and concentrating solar power systems such as parabolic troughs, heliostats or solar dishes.

SKF solar 4

SKF Solar Hub – CRSD 290

The Solar Hub (fig. 4) is the latest product from SKF designed to help increase the efficiency of solar tracking systems. Designed to custom solar requirements, it accurately tracks the sun from sunrise to sunset, throughout the seasons, over the life of the system. The technology offers significant improvements over today’s maintenance-intensive solutions. Designed for a 20-year service life, SKF Solar Hubs require no downtime for part changes and do not need relubrication. Robust design features such as superior mater­ial selection, optimized material treatments, improved lubrication and optimal sealing mean that the product is built for harsh environments and extended service life. The SKF Solar Hub reduces operational costs, lowering the total cost of ownership. With its minimized backlash, the Solar Hub enables improved power gener­ation, lowering the levelized cost of electricity (LCOE).

Solar Hub construction
The Solar Hub, CRSD 290 (fig. 5), has been designed specifically for solar tracking applications covering a wide range of panel sizes from about 20 to 70 m2 and can go as high as 90 m2, depending on the tracker design and wind conditions. The CRSD 290 is a rotary drive consisting of a preloaded main bearing arrangement, gear set and housing. The preloading during assembly provides minimal backlash tracking. The worm gear set is designed to have self-locking properties, enabling it to hold a static torque without an external brake. Additionally, the material selected for the gear set combined with appropriate heat treatment offers high torque-carrying capabilities and limited wear, extending product longevity.

SKF solar 5

Solar Hub – CRSD 290 – main features. 1 Maximum stiffness bearing arrangement 2 Symmetrical motor mount interface 3 Assembled for minimal backlash 4 Optimized sealing 5 Optimal grease selection 6 Double row angular contact bearing for improved stiffness 7 Lubricated, sealed assembled and tested for life 8 Integrated motor (AC or DC) – optional

In the SKF design, sealing has been optimized compared with existing market standard solutions, to provide minimal grease loss during operation, to reduce any environmental impacts as well as reducing the need for relubrication. Thanks to SKF’s knowledge of greases and lubrication, an optimal grease has been selected for this slow-moving application, thus permitting an improvement in performance. As reduction in maintenance requirements has been a key design criterion, the CRSD 290 is virtually maintenance-free, requiring no maintenance over 20 years, in contrast with existing market standards that require annual relubrication. Finally, the complete design is protected in a sealed housing for optimal performance even in extreme conditions and is rated IP 65.

The Solar Hub has the option of having an integrated motor and electronics to provide a fully integrated solar solution. The CRSD 290 Solar Hub could be integrated with an AC or DC voltage motor that could be mounted on either the right side or left side of the Solar Hub.

Solar linear actuators
SKF’s range of linear actuators, CASD-20 and CASD-60 (fig. 6), have been developed to meet the same high performance standards as the Solar Hub in terms of increased power generation combined with long life, reliability, ease of installation and no need for maintenance. The linear actuator comprises a screw with an integrated gearbox, motor, bearings, lubricant, two limit switches, hall sensors and a circuit board, all protected in a sealed housing (fig. 7). In this case, performance is achieved through the use of sealed protective tubes for improved reliability and better drive protection even in the harshest environments.

SKF solar 6

SKF Solar Linear Actuator features

Higher static to dynamic load ratios permit solar power generation even during high wind conditions. For the CASD-20, the respective dynamic and static loads are 5 kN and 20 kN. For the CASD-60, these values are 12 kN and 60 kN. Depending on the static load, both actuators have a stroke of up to 1,500 mm and speed of operation is up to 2 mm/s for the CASD-20 and 2.5 mm/s for the CASD-60.

The CASD linear actuators deliver efficiency improvements such as reduced current consumption, greater positioning accuracy and limited backlash. Being complete units, not only are the actuators easy to install in any solar application, but they significantly cut design and development time while delivering savings in operation.

SKF solar 7

SKF Solar Linear Actuator CASD-60

Benefits of solar tracking
For PV systems, solar tracking increases efficiency or power output by up to 40 % by using a two-axis tracking system incorporating SKF Solar Hubs. For CPV and CSP, the technology needs solar tracking systems to function properly, so solar tracking is essential for concentrating technologies.

To minimize costs, it’s important that the technology uses a solar tracking system that reduces the total cost of ownership through an easier and faster installation, minimizing maintenance intervals if not completely eliminating them, and through a reliable product that does not require field replacement or repair.

Solar equipment producers and operators alike can gain from working with SKF. By working in partnership, manufacturers gain the benefit of SKF’s broad engineering design expertise and manufacturing efficiency. This can lead to improved quality and customer satisfaction while avoiding expensive warranty work. Operators experience lower solar system lifetime costs through more reliable systems that can generate more power for a longer duration.

By Markus Behn, global business development manager, Solar Energy Segment, SKF Gmbh, Langenhagen, Germany,

source: SKF evolution magazine

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This article, press release or announcement is translated from BearingNEWS ( publications or from China Bearing Commercial Community (CBCC) sources安特卫普,比利时,2018年5月1日–“2018年是一个值得庆祝的年份,座落在上海的雷勃中国总部于10年前成立,我们的轴承品牌Rollway于110年前建立。”Steve Quintijn–轴承市场经理说:“雷勃目前在中国拥有10个工厂超过6000名员工。” 来自雷勃的Steve Quintijn在比利时工作并与中国的销售市场同事保持日常的工作联络。几次在中国的旅行让他认识了各种客户和分销商,享受着新的友谊,并深入了解这个国家丰富的历史和文化。Steve于7年前加入雷勃,在此之前他为咨询公司工作并在Komatsu公司工作了8年,负责欧洲、中东和非洲地区的市场工作。 趋势与挑战 由于中国不仅是全球最大的煤炭和黄金生产国(中国有超过1万座矿山),还是大多数矿产品的主要消费国,因此对雷勃和其产品来说这是一个相当大的采矿业市场。同时这也是一个具有挑战的市场,尽管中国的采矿业有很多企业都在同一地区运营。除了中国市场的重要性,采矿业在全球范围内继续巩固,同时,由于新兴经济体和基础设施的需求,煤炭、矿物和金属的需求也在持续增长。 输送机需求 客户的输送机需求要求高效和易于维护的产品,在最恶劣的环境中能以高可靠性减少停机时间。很多输送机系统是由不匹配的配件和组件组成。此外,供应商由于对应用复杂性的掌握有限,便无法满足最终用户的期望。最小的停机时间对优化生产至关重要。我们的行业强化解决方案确保在最恶劣的条件下进行保护,最大限度地延长正常运行时间和长期可靠性,从而优化全年365天的生产。Steve说道:“我们是超高效电机、齿轮箱和轴承领域的行业领导者,提供全天候节能,降低能源密集型工艺的运营成本,从而降级总拥有成本。” 广泛的采矿业产品线 雷勃在采矿行业有着广泛的产品线:我们提供驱动器、电机、轴承和组件。雷勃设计、生产并销售机械动力传动的驱动和组件,包括皮带传动、衬套、链条和链轮、驱动张紧器和惰轮、机械式CAM离合器、联轴器和扭矩过载装置。我们还为商业和工业应用设计和制造小功率、整体式和大马力的交流和直流电机和控制器。产品范围还包括固态和机电启动器、接触器、继电器、变频器和电机、人工举升系统泵设备以及集成解决方案。同时雷勃还设计生产带座和不带座轴承。不带座轴承提供了多种类型和样式。包括凸轮从动轴承、径向轴承、止推件、杆端和特种轴承。带座轴承有多种类型和尺寸可选,包括球、球面滚子和圆锥滚子等滚动元件,安装在立式、法兰式和直筒式轴承座上。 用于采矿业的滚子和滚珠轴承 “对于在偏远地区运行的矿山机械来说,可靠性和耐用性至关重要,因为单一组件的失效可能影响整个采矿作业。雷勃拥有数个轴承品牌如路威,麦吉尔和西尔马斯特。” Steve说道。“我们的产品在食品饮料,钢铁厂,航空航天,采矿等多个行业拥有广泛的轴承类型。用于采矿业的轴承暴露于最恶劣的条件下,特别是在原材料的露天采矿中,每个部件上的压力都很高:机器频繁启动,高负载结合低速以及由于斗轮的挖掘运动而产生振动。许多采矿作业24小时一周7天连续运作,这意味着需要避免意外停机,因为每一个新开机都涉及非常高的成本。” 皮带输送机和其他输送机系统每天都会在很长的距离内运送大量物料,这对于采矿业至关重要。变速箱、滑轮和惰轮是输送系统中滚子轴承的主要应用所在。雷勃拥有数个变速箱品牌以及广泛产品线(Browning布朗宁等…),其中都装有Rollway路威轴承。“对于驱动皮带轮,我们推荐使用路威调心滚子轴承,因为它们可以承受较高的载荷并允许补偿错位和轴偏转。”Steve说到:“路威球轴承可用于惰轮,因为它们即使在高速下也具有低摩擦。” “路威轴承可以在许多采矿应用中找到,也可以用在驱动工业风机和泵的小型电机中。对于这些应用,我们推荐Rollway路威EMQ(电动机质量)球轴承,它们具有低摩擦且特别安静。由于负载和冲击,另一个轴承的严苛应用是振动筛。由于径向加速度,轴承保持架必须承受高负荷,因此我们推荐使用专门用于振动筛的路威球面滚子轴承VS C4 F80 W33和MA C4 F80 W33系列。路威轴承还用于铲斗铲,铲斗,钻机,连续采矿机和集管机等。” 更好的密封性和润滑性 “Sealmaster® 黄金带座球轴承和RPB系列带座球轴承提供了许多独特的专利功能,通过更好的密封性和润滑性,有助于延长正常运行时间。” Steve说:“西尔马斯特黄金带座球轴承作为系统中一个部件运行时,可将油脂保存在轴承内部的同时,又能将污染物隔离在轴承外部。通过设计行业最齐全的产品种类,Sealmaster为其他黄金带座球轴承的特性奠定了夯实的基础。轴承芯的宽外圈设计适合重载迷宫式密封,允许搭配独特的套圈引导保持架,以及足够的空间用于加工锥度沉孔和放置固定轴承芯的锁销。这使得润滑脂可直接进入到轴承芯的内部。” Sealmaster RPB系列的特点是坚固的分离式铸铁轴承座和整体式轴承芯。轴承芯可现场更换,因此可简化安装及保持最长正常运行时间。轴承芯设计成可在+/- 3°内调整静态不对中。专利的毛毡填充密封,装配在内外圈之间,就像一个过滤器,旋转的护圈有助于避免污染物聚集在密封圈上。在密封圈有效阻止污染物进入轴承内部的同时,有效的润滑系统允许油脂直接进入轴承内部。 关于雷勃集团 雷勃集团 (NYSE: RBC) 是世界领先的电机,驱动控制,发电以及动力传动产品的全球供应商。公司由三个业务部分组成:商业和工业系统,能源解决方案,动力传动解决方案。雷勃集团总部位于美国威斯康辛州,并在美国、加拿大、拉丁美洲、欧洲和亚洲都建有工厂、销售和服务中心。更多信息请访问  



This article, press release or announcement is translated from BearingNEWS ( publications or from China Bearing Commercial Community (CBCC) sources哥德堡——中国对瑞典斯凯孚(SKF)公司轴承的需求量日益增加。得益于人们对电动汽车需求量的增加以及供应商对快速变化的汽车技术的适应,斯凯孚目前每月拿下至少一笔新订单。 斯凯孚汽车业务总裁Bernd Stephan称,虽然欧洲电动汽车的销量也在增加,但中国电动汽车的销量正呈井喷式增长。“我们在这一领域获得了大量新业务……如此多的项目突如其来,我们在持续地与这些客户洽谈。”Stephan说。 电动汽车对轴承制造商的影响巨大,这是因为电动汽车通常使用的轴承数量约为内燃机汽车使用轴承数量的一半。在斯凯孚专注于轴承和密封件等零部件的同时,包括德国舍弗勒集团在内的竞争对手们正在开发完整的电驱动产品系列。由于斯凯孚只有4%的产品用于内燃机,而轮毂轴承是其销量最多的产品,斯凯孚在很大程度上受到了保护。“我们在内燃机汽车市场中失去的业务,正在电动汽车市场中赢回来。”Stephan表示。处于两者之间的更多混合动力车的出现,对我们也是有利的。 汽车轴承市场竞争日益激烈,客户对价格越来越敏感,再加上中国竞争对手的崛起,这些都使人愈加担忧斯凯孚的长期盈利能力。Stephan称,斯凯孚可以使用更经济的钢铁和不同的部件来降低非高端轴承的制造成本。“我们的生产率是很高,并且不只在欧洲生产轴承。” 斯凯孚汽车业务还与日本NTN、NSK和JTEKT公司以及中国人本集团等公司展开竞争,其销售额占到了斯凯孚2017年销售额的31%。 尽管汽车业务一直是集团担忧的问题,但2015年的重整计划已经开始发挥作用,在第一季度几乎实现了8%的利润目标。重整计划主要针对高度定制的轴承和密封件。 展望未来的完全无人驾驶汽车市场,Stephan认为这会带来更多变化,由于轮毂轴承使用强度增加,轮毂轴承可能需要有更长的使用寿命。“现在,人们还意识不到无人驾驶意味着什么。理论上说,车辆数量将降低到现在的三分之一。”Stephan还补充道,现在为此做好准备非常重要。 2016年,斯凯孚汽车产品销售额达到了18.4亿美元,名列《欧洲汽车新闻》全球前100名供应商名单第86名。  



This article, press release or announcement is translated from BearingNEWS ( publications or from China Bearing Commercial Community (CBCC) sources NSK已经解决了在一家领先的汽车行业供应商工厂的四个数控加工中心反复出现的主轴轴承故障的问题。鉴于主轴轴承每两周一次的故障率,该方案现在每年可节省32,880欧元。 为了调查故障的原因,NSK需要对整个应用和维护过程进行调查。 NSK专家观察了维护部门的安装方法,发现主要问题来自超精密角接触球轴承的失误操作。 NSK超精密角接触球轴承具有长寿命,高精度和低噪音等特点,适用于高速机床主轴. 正确安装轴承对于工业机械的最佳运行和持续维护至关重要。正确的培训和使用适当的工具是非常重要的。考虑到这一点,NSK对公司的维护人员进行了全面的培训,其中包括安装和拆卸技巧以及关于补充轴承润滑脂的建议。培训结束以后没有出现其他的问题,轴承寿命从两周延长到六个月,这又显著的降低了成本。 考虑到每两周(四台机器)的轴承故障,以及更换和停机时间的成本。通过NSK调查和研究和改善之后,目前每年仅需进行两次轴承更换,相当于每年节省32,880欧元。 超精密角接触球轴承由于使用了NSK专利的超高纯度和先进材料,所以寿命更长。此外,低噪音特性使其成为许多现代机床上安静运行的高速主轴的理想选择。有多种保持架和密封件可供选择。  



This article, press release or announcement is translated from BearingNEWS ( publications or from China Bearing Commercial Community (CBCC) sources随着一带一路的政策拉动了世界贸易的格局,进出口的自由化和互动性也会随之增加,中国制造业也将迎来新的春天和期望,中国从改革开放一路走来,让世界重新认识了一个新的中国,大批的外资企业和资本公司进入国内大力发展和淘金,推动力国内的生产制造业的发展和创新,我们都知道机器的粮食就是轴承,所以最近几年随着工业的刚性需求,各国的外资轴承商来到了山东和江苏2个轴承之乡,帮助我们一起发展! 国人当自强,国家也在扶持和帮助我们自己的工业产业链条,传说中的国产三巨头:哈、瓦、洛也不输阵势,研发出了适用于国内机械需求的高质量产品和轴承,让骄傲的外国人无形之中也有了巨大的压力。国产轴承最近几年通过不断的努力和创新,在选料、锻造、打磨、加工、方面拥有了一套属于自己的标准和用户群还有专利,在世界轴承历史上也是很不错的选择,在高铁、航天、军工、制造业国产轴承的使用范围和独创的专利也获得了认可和表彰。 德国SFAG轴承认为当下轴承界将会迎来新的起点,国家的2025高端智造,智能制造的明确指出我们将会从制造业开始转型升级为创新业和高端制造产业,会对轴承的质量和技术越来越高,对于制假贩假的厂家来说无形之中将会给予当头一棒,最后你会发现你不但坑了别人自己也提心吊胆的在卖货,不但会吃官司还要赔款,得不偿失啊,随着越来越多的品牌以后的市场就会是公开透明化的竞争,价格只是一个参考数据代表不了一切,消费者随着市场的变化更多的考虑因素为:质量、价格、售后、多浮动、多判断的心态。 想把轴承卖得好我们一定要用心去做,在把售后对接好 让客户谈的舒心,买的放心,用的安心,即使产业在变但是我们的初心不能变,市场是残酷的竞争无情,匠心营造的产品永远会有人支持你,洗牌定位只是一个名词,所有周承认应当自强和自律。  

Motion Industries收购加利福尼亚MRO经销商

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This article, press release or announcement is translated from BearingNEWS ( publications or from China Bearing Commercial Community (CBCC) sources 美国移动工业公司(Motion Industries Inc.) , 该公司是美国通用配件公司(GPC)的全资子公司,日前宣布,已就收购美国电力工业公司(Power Industries, Inc.)(该公司总部位于加州圣罗莎(Santa Rosa))  达成了最终协议 。交易的执行发生在2018年5月1日。 该电力工业公司成立于1951年,专门从事分配MRO零件,包括轴承,动力传动装置,流体动力以及软管和配件。该公司的专业人员可以帮助客户在其应用中节省成本和提高生产力。服务的行业包括酿酒厂,食品和饮料,水处理,林产品,建筑和制造业。 该电力公司与Santa Rosa和Napa两家NAPA汽车零部件分店在同一个地方,共同拓展了美国移动工业公司在旧金山地区的分布和客户服务能力。 美国移动工业公司的总裁兼首席执行官Tim Breen表示:“电力公司员工的行业和产品知识对我们北加利福尼亚州的业务将是很大的优势。 “我们欢迎他们加入移动工业公司,并期待一起实现伟大的事业”。 该协议标志着美国移动工业公司去年第二次收购一家加州公司。 洛杉矶Numatic工程公司于2017年8月加入移动工业公司团队。

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