Dalian Xing Lun Bearings at China Bearing Expo


Q1: What is your main product? (please give us one single product and id/od range)?

A1: Our company’s main product is standard bearing (16.Inch-Size tapered roller bearings)

Q2: What other products do you produce? (different than your main product)?

A2: Our production mainly focuses on bearings like: deep groove ball bearing, cylindrical roller bearing, angular contact ball bearing, thrust ball bearing, thrust taper and thrust cylindrical roller bearings.

Q3:  What is the quality level of your product?

A3: Our quality is first class for the domestic market.

Q4: What are the values that your customers appreciate the most? 

A4: High quality of the product.

Q5: In your opinion, which are the capabilities to be added in order to deliver new value for your customers?

A5: Pay more attention on particular bearings’ performance.

Q6: What are the 3 major markets (industry and region) to explore and develop in the next 3-5 years?

A6: We want to mostly focus on the North American and European markets.

Q7: What is your marketing development for 2021?

A7: Online platforms and exhibitions.

Q8: What are your impression and expectations about the Expo?

A8: Positive! We hope that this Expo will give us a lot of opportunities.

Yan Xiaomei
Te:+86 137 9512 1668
Email: [email protected]
Web: www.dl-xlbearings.com