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EPTDA Sets the Growth Course for 2013

Brussels, December 31st – The European Power Transmission Distributors Association (EPTDA), the leading European organisation for the mechanical Power Transmission and Motion Control (PT/MC) industry, starts the new year with successes and encouraging plans. After a thriving 2012, EPTDA will further its development pace in 2013 and continue creating great perspectives for PT/MC businesses.


Looking back on 2012, EPTDA paved new business paths for its members, welcoming nearly 20 companies from the EMEA region and connecting with several other potential member candidates at its Annual Convention in Lisbon. New tangible benefits were offered to the effective members to help them stay competitive in a constantly evolving environment. Education was one of the flagship projects that kicked off in 2012, providing executive learning programmes, carrying on in 2013 with continued education platforms for meeting the needs of the PT/MC industry. Tailor-made economic outlook and industry market forecast were introduced as a complement to the existing range of business tools for members.

2013 will be a special year, not only because of its new projects, but also because EPTDA is celebrating its 15th anniversary. The organisation was founded in 1998 by captains of the PT/MC industry who believed in the power of bringing together qualified distributors and manufacturers on one common platform. Today, this association is stronger than ever, and is gearing up for a new era of further changes for the better.

In the fourth quarter of 2012, EPTDA welcomed six new members from Western and Eastern Europe. These fresh comers include five distributors -Anton Klocke Antriebstechnik, Bührig-Adam Wälzlager und Antriebstechnik GmbH and SBN Wälzlager GmbH from Germany; Rolman World FZEfrom Dubai; and TLC Lozyska SP.J. from Poland – and one manufacturer – Suebel Seals Belgium.

Thorsten Kott, Managing director of Anton Klocke Antriebstechnik declares: “We want to find ways to improve the business and therefore secure our profitability. We want to unite on important issues and share resources in the community. EPTDA is a smart way to network with entrepreneurs of the power transmission and motion control industry. It creates an atmosphere that encourages competition and attracts new customers.” Anton Klockedevelops and distributes strategic components for drive, vibration and textile technology. Bührig-Adam Wälzlager und Antriebstechnik GmbH, a German distributor as well, came on board recently. Founded 65 years ago, the business operations of comprise a multi-facetted and diversified portfolio, from technical wholesale trade via service such as technical consulting, customised logistics concepts up to installation and maintenance work in the fields of hydraulics, filtration and centralised lubrication technology. Newcomer SBN Wälzlager GmbH added on to EPTDA’s German representation. SBN is a family business specialising in precision bearings. Their main product lines include EZO, INA and TPI bearings. SBN is the sole agent in Germany and the Netherlands for EZO and TPI bearings.

As a result of the business value its platform and services generate,EPTDA is gradually raising interest beyond Europe, attracting companies from the Middle-East & Africa region. Besides Egypt (MRO distributor and service provider DEG), South Africa (distributor Bearing Man Group) and Nigeria (distributor Daid Nigeria), EPTDA expanded in Dubai (United Arab Emirates) as it welcomed Rolman World FZE, one of the largest and well established distributors of bearings and related technical services in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). Rolman is an authorised distributor for NSK in the MENA region and one of the largest stocklist of bearings carrying a vast range of products for applications in the automotive, agriculture, transport, oil and gas, food processing and other industrial areas.

Enlarging its portfolio in Eastern Europe, EPTDA was pleased to welcome TLC Lozyska,a well-established authorised distributor of Schaeffler and Gates with five company branches across Poland. TLC Lozyska provides ball and roller bearings, transmission belts, sealing technology and maintenance tools. In just 13 years since start-up, the company became one of the major bearing distributors maintaining the highest standards of customer service and technical support according to EN ISO 9001:2008 certificate. Their customer base includes large MRO customers such as mines, steel mills, power plants as well as trade sector/bearings and transmission parts distributors.

EPTDA increased its manufacturer membership base as well with the addition of Suebel Seals Belgium. Established in 1952, it is one of the experienced seal manufacturers in Europe. Offering a complete range of Rotary shaft Seals and Hydraulic/Pneumatic Seals up to 3000mm within a few days with the advanced technology and hi-tech equipment in more than 50 different sealing materials.

“We are pleased to see that the tangible value generated by an organisation like EPTDA is being increasingly recognised by companies in the industry, across Europe and also beyond,” Hans Hanegreefs, Executive Vice President of EPTDA, explains. “It shows that EPTDA is able to provide businesses with the support they look for in crucial times, and similarly generate profitable solutions on a continual basis.

After an impressive “short” journey of 15 years, EPTDA prepares to unveil new programmes, attractive advantages and key events in 2013. Growth with geographical expansion, especially in Easter Europe, is one aspect of EPTDA’s strategic goals. Providing tangible benefits and custom-designed education are keys as well in this year’s strategic plan. In 2013, a strong focus will be put on the latter two components, with the launch of the EPTDA Academy Continued Education programmes and certification, along with dedicated market analysis and forecast online portal for members only,” Hanegreefs adds.

Save the date:
All these PT/MC professionals will convene alongside 350-400 industry decision makers from across the globe at the next Annual Convention of EPTDA, celebrating its 15th anniversary, on 18-20 September, in Venice, Italy. For more information about this major PT/MC professional event, log on to


European Power Transmission Distributors Association
Tel : + 32 2 660 05 01
Fax: + 32 2 660 38 21
Grensstraat 7, B-1831 Brussels (Diegem), Belgium
Follow EPTDA on Twitter @EPTDA – LinkedIn/EPTDA Group


source: EPTDA

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2030年前的轴承行业及贸易专题讨论 轴承故障的根本原因分析研讨会 工业物联网如何优化您的轴承应用研讨会 日期:8日11月2018年 地点:上海新国际博览中心,E2馆内J5展位 展示将会被同步翻译成中文 本次轴承会议由轴承世博会(BearingEXPO)和轴承杂志(BearingNEWS)及亚洲国际动力传动与控制技术展览会(PTC Asia)合作举办。请发送邮件至 leslie@bearing-expo.com赢取免费入场券参加本次会议! 上海,2018年10月3日——下届轴承世博会议将于11月 8日在上海举办的亚洲国际动力传动与控制技术展览会上召开。届时,会议室将设在轴承和电力传输2号厅。2030年前的轴承行业及贸易专题讨论、工业物联网如何优化您的轴承应用研讨会和轴承故障的根本原因分析研讨会均会为轴承行业专业人士提供商业及技术层面的讲解。 主题为“2030年前的轴承行业及贸易”的研讨会将由BearingNEWS 杂志的主编兼创始人Kenan Özcan 先生主持。主旨演讲重点关注包括制造业、分销和原始设备制造商、设备维护应用等方面的全球轴承市场现状。 企业被迫扩大其提供的服务范围,继续推进数字转型并维持价格结构。 与过去的30年相比,如今的轴承制造、分销及应用的变化更剧烈,只有那些适应性强的企业才能存活并成功将其品牌转移到下一代。 目前的技术发展、多变的市场驱动因素和行业动态正在导致顾客期待的大幅转变。 轴承分销商和制造商也被迫扩大其提供的服务范围,在维持价格结构的同时继续推进数字转型。 在Kenan Özcan先生的互动式主旨演讲中,他将会通过分析过去、定义目前的全球轴承行业现状来试图描绘未来的广阔前景,以期能在未来把握机遇 在轴承研讨会的第一部分还会看到来自山东宇捷轴承高级应用工程师程凯先生 ,他将在其30分钟的展示中重点讲解宇捷调心滚子轴承在钢厂的应用。 美国雷勃电气集团中国及太平洋地区总裁Roger Fei先生将发表题为“工业物联网如何优化您的轴承应用”的主题演讲。 工业物联网是塑造动力传动行业未来发展最重要的挑战之一。 Roger Fei先生将在其主旨演讲中总结这些正在发生的变化详情及实例。 “轴承故障的根本原因分析”研讨会将由Tribologia的轴承博士Per Arnold Elgqvist先生主持。 该研讨会旨在通过强调轴承故障的根本原因分析的重要性来提高维修的效率:确认其失败的根本原因和确保需求的纠正操作,以避免相同的原因导致更多故障达到精确维修,以及避免浪费时间和不必要的备件使用。 研讨会后,与会者将能够解释最常见的轴承故障原因,以便更容易地确定和理解需要的纠正措施,也会重视依据国际标准组织的15243标准理解不同轴承故障模式的重要性。 该研讨会还将介绍简单实用的轴承故障根本原因分析程序,并以互动方式展示一些相关的成功案例。 下载: 研讨会初步项目 下载: 2030年前的轴承行业及贸易专题讨论 下载: 轴承故障的根本原因分析研讨会 所有展示将会同步翻译成中文。因席位有限,请您提前发送邮件至leslie@bearing-expo.com注册报名吧。 匹配服务机遇 您可以查看下方文件中的参与者列表。如果您想参加我们的匹配服务项目,以便与更多公司会面并组织会议,请发送电子邮件至。 下载:参与匹配服务项目的完整参展商名单 关于亚洲国际动力传动与控制技术展览会 动力传动与控制技术展览会将于11月6日至9日在上海新国际博览中心召开。该展览会是一场国际电力和机械、动力传动、流体动力、机械零件、轴承及弹簧交易会。请访问www.ptc-asia.com网站赢取免费入场券。 注册报名请联系 Leslie 女士 电子邮箱 轴承世博会网址 轴承新闻杂志网址:



2018 年11月8 日的上海亚洲国际动力传动与控制技术展览会 展示者 Per Arnold Elgqvist 通过强调轴承故障的根本原因分析的重要性来提高维修的效率:确认其失败的根本原因 和确保需求的纠正操作,以避免相同的原因导致更多故障达到精确维修,以及避免浪费 时间和不必要的备件使用。 停止车间盲目地接受轴承故障为“正常”现象和简单替换轴承作为消耗品而不采取任何纠 正措施,仅仅是一句“让我们期待这个轴承能持久吧”。 解释最常见的轴承故障原因,以便更容易地确定和理解需要的纠正措施。 也会提及强调依据国际标准组织的15243标准理解不同轴承故障模式的重要性,因为在 很多情况下这些模式会清晰明确地指出故障原因。 该研讨会还将介绍简单实用的轴承故障根本原因分析程序,并以互动方式解决一些相关 的成功案例。 研讨会内容 初步判定:自热还是过早的故障? 我们为何要做轴承故障的根本原因分析? 首先,为了避免更多的重复性故障及意外 的停机。 其次,实施恰如其分的所需修复,即提高 效率。 减少意外及非意外的停机。 益处: 减少不必要的意外和非意外停机(设备综合效 率) 延长轴承寿命,增加其过程中的可用性(设备 综合效率) 通过减少故障成本及避免更多重复性故障来降 低总成本 举例:水泥厂的成功案例 故障成本: 40,000美元 生产价值损失:28,000,000美元 拥有相关知识后你会发现其实很简单。 很多情况下 ,在了解了轴承故障最基本的原因及不同的轴承模 式后,确定故障的根本原因并即刻理性指出所需的 纠正措施轻而易举。 简单分析的案例 立式泵 轴承: 6215 + 51115 滑润剂: VG460齿轮油 速度: 1500转/分 你还有10秒钟! 国际标准组织15243建立了轴承故障模式。 将描述下列故障模式: 疲劳:



This article, press release or announcement is translated from BearingNEWS ( publications or from China Bearing Commercial Community (CBCC) sources 作为动力传动行业亚洲第一、世界第二大的国际性专业展会——亚洲国际动力传动与控制技术展览会(以下简称:亚洲国际动力传动展)始终不遗余力地推进行业智能制造发展。将于今年11月6-9日在上海新国际博览中心举行的2018亚洲国际动力传动展以“驱动未来”为口号,主打智能制造,以行业最新产品、技术与解决方案助力实践“中国制造2025”。 随着动力传动制造技术与信息技术、智能技术的深化融合,行业智能制造水平和技术创新能力大幅提高,重大施工装备和技术成果不断涌现。行业正朝着创新、高端、智能、绿色的方向加速发展,全力迈向产业技术制高点。 在本届展会上,参展企业集中围绕“智能制造”推出最新产品,对接市场。继去年首次推出便大获成功的“智能制造示范展区”,今年更将重磅打造,以“工业4.0蓄势待发——智能传动与流体动力的智慧解决方案”为主题,积极邀请伦茨、ABB、弗兰德(西门子)、SEW、斯凯孚、舍弗勒、林德液压、雅歌辉托斯、布赫液压和穆格等行业大牌企业展示应用行业解决方案,以最新科学技术演绎魅力工业风。同时,此项与德国机械设备制造业联合会(VDMA)联合主办的展区还将配套举办智能制造论坛,让观众零距离获享德国传动工业领航技术。 此外,涵盖十大主题展区的亚洲国际动力传动展持续发力,为海内外企业拓展国际市场搭建独一无二的商贸平台。截至目前,已吸引土耳其、美国、西班牙、葡萄牙、日本、印度、罗马尼亚等多国企业参展,还有来自德国、意大利和韩国等的国家展团倾力献演。在液气密板块,有中意液压、油威力、华力液压、杭州爱力、国瑞液压、汉商、斯普瑞、华东油压、圣克赛斯、优瑞纳斯、韩独油压、北京铸通、南京机电、苏强格、兴明液压、镇江液压、凯斯特、津达、博顿、宁波华液、索诺、鑫潮、亿太诺、尼尔森、德氏封、KASTAS、司达行、埃雷特和意氟。在轴承板块,有安凯易、长城、达克、旭欧和雅高。在齿轮/电气传动板块,有弗兰德(西门子)、伦茨、邦飞利、麦尔、普瑞玛、应拓柯、诠世、瑞班、金龙、中德传动、安波、华力、兴达、光陆、特波、方力和中大力德。在带/链/弹簧板块,有盖茨、阪东、Contitech、麦高迪、SIT、东华、恒久、Wulf、永利百合、雷诺德、中益、希普拓、慕贝尔和力司百灵。 同时,随着中国推进“一带一路”建设,为动力传动行业带来了广阔的海外市场。企业积极拓展国际业务,加强沿线国家布局,收效显著。主办方表示,展会也通过各种市场渠道组织海外买家赴会采购,并得到了欧洲液压与气动委员会(CETOP)、德国机械设备制造业联合会(VDMA)、意大利流体动力协会(ASSOFLUID)、英国流体动力协会(BFPA)、韩国机械产业振兴会(KOAMI)、德国联邦采购物流协会(BME)和欧洲动力传动经销商协会(EPTDA)在海外观众组织上的大力支持。届时,预计将有来自全球80多个国家和地区的观众和采购商到会。其中,国内大型制造企业买家团数量将继续增长。2017年,亚洲国际动力传动展获得了上海电气、潍柴动力、宝钢工程、法兰泰克、兰石、阿特拉斯科普柯、凯泉泵业、上海港机、江淮银联、杭州巨星、正泰电气、上海宝松、上海比亚迪等众多参观团的高度评价。 拥有28年发展历程的亚洲国际动力传动展,不断创新求变,而唯一不变的则是深耕亚洲市场,服务全球贸易。今年展会还在世界顶级工业技术盛会——2018汉诺威工业博览会现场召开推介会,为欧洲乃至全球观众传递展会及中国工业发展的最新资讯。 转型升级,智造先行。亚洲国际动力传动展在智能制造的道路上不断前行,将与今年同期召开的亚洲国际物流技术与运输系统展览会、上海国际压缩机及设备展览会、上海国际工业零部件及分承包展、亚洲国际冷链设备及技术展览会和国际科创园区博览会打造“六展同台”的工业饕餮盛宴,助力中国动力传动行业“智慧腾飞”。 由中国液压气动密封件工业协会、中国机械通用零部件工业协会、德国汉诺威展览公司和汉诺威米兰展览(上海)有限公司共同主办的2018亚洲国际动力传动与控制技术展览会预计规模7万平方米,同期将举办十多场高峰论坛和技术研讨会,包括:中国国际汽车变速器及高效传动技术研讨会、工程机械供需对接交流会暨联盟省级发展论坛、VDMA智能制造论坛、中国石油化工装备高峰论坛和2018中国盾构机制造与技术高峰论坛等。 您的新闻联系人: 王婷 汉诺威米兰展览会(中国)有限公司新闻部 上海浦东新区银霄路393号 百安居浦东商务大厦301 邮编:201204 电话:021-50456700转253分机 传真:021-50459355 E-mail: 获取更多资讯请关注汉诺威展览官方微信:

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