Hangzhou Qogori Technology at China Bearing Expo


Q1: What is your main product? (please give us one single product and id/od range)?

A1:We K2 Tech specialize in the visual inspection machine, for the appearance defects inspection, the machines are widely applied in the bearing industry, like inspecting the bearing, needle rollers, rollers, and other bearing parts. Here is one of our main product for inspecting the rollers, our machines are available to rollers from diameter Φ2mm to Φ100mm, can achieve 360 degree appearance defects inspection.

Q2: What other products do you produce? (different than your main product)?

A2: Today the machines in the CBIA are mainly related to the bearing industry, but we have other visual inspection machines which are widely applied in the automotive industry, medical & food industry (like inspecting the empty hard capsule) meanwhile, we also have the smart robot for agriculture, achieves the intelligent picking, sorting, etc. Warmly welcome your visiting to our company K2 Tech for more products information.

Q3:  What is the quality level of your product?

A3: haha, this is quite a good question! We offer the intelligent inspection solution to our clients, aim to improve their quality level. For the bearing industry, the world top companies chose us to be their global reliable partner, this should be the powerful answer to reply your quality level question, right? haha.

Q4:  Which investments are you planning for the coming years?

A4: Continue to focus on the machine vision, artificial intelligence technology, will develop some new application, we are on the process of R&D and communication to some special industries.

Q5: Which are your 3 main markets?

A5: This year, due to the impact of the covid-19, our three main markets are: our domestic market, the overseas markets mainly In Asia, and the European region, but Asia is the main one in this year.

Q6: On which publications, platforms and exhibitions can potential customers find you during 2021?

A6: We will continue to join in exhibitions related to bearings, and other famous industry forums, meanwhile our cooperated customers will introduce new potential customers to us. In addition, our company is also active on social media, so you can follow our WeChat official ID, linkedin and facebook to learn more about our company’s news.

Q7: What is your impression about the Shanghai Bearing expo 2020?

A7: We are very grateful to China Bearing Industry Association for organizing this professional exhibition which gives us an opportunity to meet and communicate with our new and cooperated customers. The whole exhibition is safe and professional. Through communication with customers, we also feel the economic recovery and we are all full of confidence. Thank you.

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