LYC launched the domestic most complicated rolling mill bearing


On July 7, LYC Bearing Corporation launched the domestic most complicated high-precision shell ring rolling mill bearing and delivered to a domestic well-known heavy machinery enterprise, thus became the only bearing manufacturer able to produce this kind of bearing.

According to Sun Jianxiu, deputy general manager of LYC Bearing Corporation, the bearing has a diameter of 1.7 meters, height of 1.9 meters and total weight of more than 20 ton. LYC does not insert a bearing in the seat as it has done in the past, but have the seat and housing formed into an organic whole.

To develope this high-precision “looks like nothing” bearing, technical personnels of LYC Large Bearing Department firstly optimized the original design, then thoroughly subverted the traditional heat treatment method, and finally chose the lathe finishing instead of grinding machining.

LYC Large Bearing Department was founded in December 2013. There are 253 units of processing equipment of various types to achieve complete coverage of grinding process, and the annual output has reached 10000 sets of bearings, the annual sales income of about 180 million yuan. At present, the products developed and produced here are widely used in industries such as mining, metallurgy, precision machine tools, wind power generation, construction, building materials, medical, aerospace, paper printing, petroleum machinery, port machinery, ships and ocean engineering, general machinery and military industry.