Major customers from China visited ZKL

ZKL Chinacustomers

On 31.8. – 8.9.2012 delegation of representatives of our major customers from China visited ZKL Group. Due to the fact that our sales activities in this territory have a significant upward character both with respect to volume and with respect to number of visitors, the Chinese visit to the Czech Republic was logical continuation of this trend.

ZKL Chinacustomers


An important point of the visit was an attendance of our manufacturing plants in Brno and in Hanušovice, visit of the research facilities and the new manufacturing hall with new technologies for large-size bearings production in ZKL Brno. The visit had its social part too. Our customers had an opportunity to see the rarity of local traditions and cuisine. Many customers were in Europe for the first time and we believe that they kept a number of pleasant experiences and memories.


source: ZKL