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NSK Boosts Its Business in Emerging Markets

Aiming to Cultivate Demand in the Middle East and Russia through Locally Based Operations

NSK emerging markets2

Tokyo, Japan, March 7, 2013 – NSK Ltd. (NSK; Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan; President and CEO: Norio Otsuka) announced today that it has established new branches in Saint Petersburg, Russia, and Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE), in the Middle East, both of which are important emerging markets. Business activities have begun to commence operations at both sites. Demand for bearings is projected to grow considerably in emerging countries as industries develop and infrastructure expands. Accordingly, NSK is adding these new branches and increasing its sales distributors in an effort to expand its sales areas and market share.
1. Objective of establishing the new branches

NSK has established these branches to respond to a wide range of customer needs and improve customer satisfaction.

2. Overview of the new branches

NSK emerging markets1

3. About NSK’s business in the Middle East and Russia

In the past, NSK UK Ltd. a sales subsidiaries of NSK Europe Ltd. in UK, had been responsible for the market in the Middle East. The NSK Bearings Middle East Trading Co., Ltd. (Istanbul, Turkey) was responsible for developing this business.

During recent years in the Middle East market, manufacturing industries, particularly industries related to infrastructure and petrochemicals, are growing. In line with this trend, demand for bearings is projected to grow also. NSK has been meeting new market needs and developing new contacts in the Middle East by participating in various industrial machinery exhibitions.
With this in mind, NSK has set up its first branch in the Middle East, based in Dubai, UAE, a major business hub in the region and neighboring Gulf countries, with the intention of developing latent demand in the marketplace and expanding sales expansion in the future.

In the Russian market, demand for bearings and other machinery components has continued to grow on the back of steady economic growth driven by industrial development, including the automotive industry and industries related to energy and natural resources such as oil and natural gas. While NSK Polska Sp.z o.o., a sales subsidiaries of NSK Europe Ltd. had mainly covered the Russian market in the past, NSK has now established its first branch in Saint Petersburg, Russia, to facilitate its customer.

* Saint Petersburg: As Russia’s second major city after Moscow, this city is an industrial center with a strategically located port, a receptive business environment and a stable local government. It is also an international city with many thriving industries, including shipbuilding, machinery manufacturing and metalworking.

About the NSK Group

Established in 1916, NSK produced the first ball bearings made in Japan. Over its history, NSK has developed a wide range of bearings and supplied them around the world, making significant contributions to the development of industry and advancements in machinery. At present, NSK holds the top market share in Japan and the third largest share in the world for bearings.

By applying its high-precision processing technologies refined over many years of manufacturing bearings, NSK began diversifying into automotive products and precision machinery and parts at an early stage. The NSK Group has been aggressively expanding beyond Japan since the 1960s, and currently operates 63 production sites in 12 countries. NSK began operating in emerging countries relatively early on. For example, it established a sales site in Brazil as early as 1970.

NSK has been expanding its business in fast-growing emerging countries, and it is aiming to achieve more than one-quarter of its total sales in emerging countries as soon as possible. To help achieve this goal, NSK expanded its operations in South America in March 2010, setting up a company in Peru to sell industrial machinery bearings. NSK is also working with its Brazilian subsidiary, established in 1970, to cultivate the market for mining equipment bearings in South America.

NSK has also been focusing on the market in the Middle East and Russia, which are demonstrating remarkable economic growth. To continue making progress in emerging markets, NSK has now established branches in Dubai, UAE, and Saint Petersburg, Russia.

These new branches will work to fully localize our business activities in each region in cooperation with local sales agents dealing in industrial machinery bearings.
Likewise, NSK intends to continue enlarging its sales distributors in emerging nations, including China, countries in South America and the Middle East, Russia and Eastern Europe, and ASEAN.

In addition to developing high-performance products for advanced countries, NSK has been leveraging its world-leading technological capabilities in more recent years to develop products designed for the severe market conditions in emerging countries, as well as products for the so-called high-volume market that have comparatively limited functions but are highly competitive in terms of price. In this way, NSK focuses on develop products for the emerging markets.
NSK plans to continue to develop its business globally by expanding its sales areas, giving a finely response to market needs, uncovering new potential market needs and developing products for the emerging markets.


source: NSK

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This article, press release or announcement is translated from BearingNEWS ( publications and adapted for the Chinese bearing industry professionals. << Schaeffler and Southwest Jiaotong University join forces to conduct research on the rail vehicles of the future >> 舍弗勒和中国西南交通大学签订了一个合作协议,双方将共同建立一个研发实验室。该实验室将设置在国家牵引车辆重点实验室内,并致力于滚道车辆主轴箱轴承的研发。 Stefan Spindlerbr博士,舍弗勒集团工业部CEO,在‘轨道交通前瞻技术论坛’上发言 该联合实验室的建立,是西南交通大学成立120周年庆祝活动的一部分。舍弗勒派出了包括工业部CEO Stefan Spindler博士,首席数字官Gerhard Baum,大中华区CEO Zhang Yilin博士的代 表团参加校庆活动,并和西南交通大学校长Xu Fei先生就德国的先进技术和商务平台如何和西南交通大学的研发力量进行对接展开了深入讨论。 ‘作为‘轨道交通前瞻技术论坛’的一部分,舍弗勒举办了一个圆桌会议,发言专家分别来自:舍弗勒集团,西南交通大学和中国轨道交通部门。首席数字官Baum先生展示了数字化技术在舍弗勒集团的发展以及大数据在轨道交通领域的应用,比如主轴箱轴承的预防性保养维护。Michael Holzapfel博士介绍了舍弗勒轨道交通的综合解决方案和该领域的创新前景。30多位来自中国轨道交通制造,供应和研发部门的专家参加了论坛。 通过这个合作研究项目,舍弗勒将进一步扩展其在全球和大学的合作创新网络。为了提供将来的移动解决方案,舍弗勒将进一步整合其全球内部工程师,大学学者和外部合作伙伴的专业知识。 西南交通大学以中国铁路工程师的摇篮而闻名,国家重点轨道牵引实验室是其最重要的研发中心。研究的重点为高速和重载列车技术。 舍弗勒已有100多年的铁路主轴箱轴承研发制造经验。该公司研发和制造了轨道交通领域的各种轴承,包括主轴箱轴承,牵引轴承,变速箱轴承,机电一体化产品和系统以及部件。



Anti-Dumping Duty Can’t Touch Bearing Imports, according to CIT This article, press release or announcement is translated from BearingNEWS ( publications and adapted for the Chinese bearing industry professionals. 美国国际贸易法院称中国制造的滚子轴承并由中国制造商在泰国加工完成,不受反倾销税影响,因为他们不属于中国商品。 首席法官Timothy C. Stanceu在拒绝存争议的早期版本后,批准修订重审,由国际贸易管理局重新发布第二十一个美国商务部行政复审反倾销税令,关于2007年6月1日至2008年5月31日期间从中国进口的圆锥滚子轴承及相关零件。 CIT之前质疑商务部审查的最终结果,并发回重审,他们质疑该机构的调查结果,泰国生产的制成品并没有实质性的转变。在撤销过程中,根据法庭文件,美国商务部的初步结论是,并不是在泰国最终加工完成的,该轴承的特性是他们在中国制造期间确定的。 法院肯定了第二次发回重审以重新判定,因为是基于一个合理的,而不是建立在扩大法令的适用范围,因为最终发现,即待裁决的轴承不在法令适用范围之内,这在行政记录中有大量证据支持,法官Stanceu说。 纠纷是出自两份对于2010年1月订单所提出的质疑—一个来自俄亥俄州的一类轴承生产商和另一个来自中国的竞争对手,在随后的收购中,其修改了她的名字。中国制造商美国经销商质疑商务部初次确定的原产地国家,并称从法庭文件中显示,部件不是从中国进口。 商务部曾试图进行分类,将轴承订单归类于反倾销产品,该机构依赖于测试“实质性加工”指标,以确定:使用已磨削和未完成珩磨的中国原产地的这些零件,在泰国子公司完成成品组装,这些产品是否可以把泰国作为原产地。 根据最近的民意,CIT派出部门,重新开始调查,该机构在2014年4月提交发回重审,在美国轴承制造商的反对意见中,被迫确定轴承不作为涉案产品。



Schaeffler opens new plant in Mexico This article, press release or announcement is translated from BearingNEWS ( publications and adapted for the Chinese bearing industry professionals. 舍弗勒公司在墨西哥有双重理由来庆祝。除了普埃布拉的舍弗勒工厂40周年庆典,该公司还迎来了在韦霍钦戈的第二家工厂成立,同样也设在在墨西哥的普埃布拉州。 在韦霍钦戈的舍弗勒新工厂专门为美国和日本的汽车制造商制造液力变矩器。它拥有16000平方米的生产场地及先进的制造设备,内部制造工具,和一个研发中心。该工厂将雇佣员工约550名,工厂的未来扩建工作也已经开始。 Georg F. W. Schaeffler,舍弗勒股份公司董事长与舍弗勒集团的大股东,Rafael Moreno Valle,墨西哥普埃布拉州州长,和Carlos Alberto Morales Alvarez,韦霍钦戈市长,均参观了新工厂,并庆祝了新厂房的落成,同时也举行了普埃布拉第一工厂40周年庆典。 40年前在普埃布拉第一个舍夫勒工厂成立了,并拥有近22,000平方米的生产场地。在这家工厂,1100名员工为一系列的全球经营的汽车制造商生产离合器系统,双离合器,致动器与双质量飞轮。 加上普埃布拉的这两个工厂,舍弗勒集团现在在墨西哥共有三个生产基地。墨西哥的瓜纳华托州伊拉普阿托市的舍弗勒工厂,成立于2008年,为墨西哥和北美的汽车行业和工业企业的客户供应发动机系统和底盘的滚动轴承以及其他产品。



NN, Inc. Announces New Precision Ball Plant In Mexico This article, press release or announcement is translated from BearingNEWS ( publications and adapted for the Chinese bearing industry professionals. NN公司(NASDAQ: NNBR),一家多元化的工业企业,今天宣布,它正在扩大其在北美的制造业,通过在墨西哥奇瓦瓦州华雷斯市开设一个新的精密球厂,以应对墨西哥的汽车制造业的增长需求。该工厂,自今年6月起已开工建设,预计在2015年11月投产。该工厂将与NN在华雷斯现有的精密金属部件工厂同地协作,并且将共享经营,供应链和管理服务。 Rich.Holder, NN公司总裁兼首席执行官评论说,“我很高兴地宣布,NN在墨西哥的扩大,这是一个不断增长的汽车和工业制造市场。这个新工厂将服务于现有客户和新客户,满足墨西哥汽车市场的扩大所产生的需求增量。NN公司在墨西哥的现有业务使新工厂的快速建造成为可能,展示了跨多个平台利用我们资产的能力。该工厂将实现NN的下一代操作系统,具有来自美国和意大利研发中心的先进齐全的“内部开发”制造技术。该工厂将在IMMEX计划(前身为墨西哥美资工厂计划)运行。该工厂预计在2016年内,将具有生产2亿紧公差,高精密钢球的能力,并在未来还会有扩展空间。到2016年,产量将会增加,并持续生产验证。 NN公司是一家多元化的工业企业,制造和供应高精密金属轴承部件,为全球范围内各种市场提供工业塑料、橡胶制品和精密金属部件。公司总部设在田纳西州约翰逊城,NN公司在北美,西欧,东欧,南美和中国有43家制造工厂。 除特定的历史信息外,本新闻稿中讨论的许多问题可能表达或暗示对收入或支出的预测,对计划和目标的陈述或未来经营,未来经济表现的陈述。这些以及类似的声明,这些事项都是关于前瞻性的涉及风险的陈述,不确定性和其他因素,可能会导致NN公司以及附属公司的实际表现,与这些讨论中所表达或暗示的会大不相同。所有前瞻性信息是公司根据1995年私人证券诉讼改革法案规定的安全港所提出的,应在这些因素的背景下进行评估。这些前瞻性陈述一般可通过以下使用的前瞻性术语来确定,例如“假设”,“目标”,“指导意见”,“展望”,“计划”,“预测”,“可能”,“将要”,“将”,“期望”,“打算”,“估计”,“预期”,“相信”,“潜在的”或“持续”,(或者是负面的或者其衍生的其他说法)或类似的术语。可能会大大影响实际结果的因素包括,但不限于:总体经济状况和工业部门的经济状况,库存水平,合规成本和公司管理这些成本的能力,新业务的启动成本,债务减免,竞争力的影响,目前的客户将开始或增加内部生产的风险,产能利用不足的风险,质量问题,原材料的可用性和价格,与国际贸易相关的货币和其他风险,公司对某些主要客户的依赖,和全球增长计划的成功实施,包括新产品的开发。同样,在这里和在别处做出的,关于待定或已完成的收购的声明,也是前瞻性陈述,包括有关收购的预期截止日期的陈述,本公司能否获得所需监管部门的批准或满足成交条件,收购的成本和公司的融资来源,未来的业绩和收购业务的前景,对公司未来业务和收购运营的预期收益以及本公司能否成功整合最近的收购业务。关于这些风险因素和警示性声明的更多信息,请参阅公司提交给美国证券交易委员会的定期报告,标题为“风险因素”,包括但不仅限于,截至2014年12月31日会计年度,该公司的年度报告在表单10-K。除非法律要求,我们没有义务更新或修改在我们的新闻稿中的任何前瞻性的陈述,是否是由于新信息,未来事件或其他原因。在美通社查看原始版本,访问: 消息来源NN公司 该公司:罗比·阿特金森,公司财务与投资者关系,(423)434-8398; 财政关系委员会:玛丽琳.米克, (综合信息), 212-827-3773

SKF Ahmedabad: The first bearing factory in India with LEED Gold certification

SKF Ahmedabad: The first bearing factory in India with LEED Gold certification(0)

The newly built bearing factory in Ahmedabad, India was awarded the coveted LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold certification by IGBC (India Green Building Council). With this certification, the Ahmedabad factory became the first bearing factory in India to be certified by LEED rating and the third SKF facility across the globe to

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