Repaired Shield Main Bearing from LYC Passed the User’s Acceptance


On March 9th, the repaired shied main bearing with the largest size, heaviest weight, widest raceway width, highest accuracy and shortest processing period of the company was rolled off the production line in the Oversize bearing division and passed the user’s acceptance. The technical requirements of face runout ≦0.12mm and radial runout ≦ 0.30mm after product assembly were met during processing, and the product was successfully assembled at one time and passed the user’s on-site certification.

The first 11 meter diameter shield machine main bearing independently developed by LYC in China has advanced technology and comes with preloading and sealing. It has the characteristics of high rigidity, high strength, high reliability and long service life, and can meet the construction needs of various complex working conditions. This time, the bearing has been successfully completed and applied, laying a foundation for the next LYC research and development of larger diameter main bearing and the localization of core components of shield machine.