Triangle Manufacturing Introduces Stainless Steel Aluminum Lazy Susan Bearings for Marine and Medical Applications


Triangle Manufacturing’s standard lazy susan ball bearings are now available in aluminum with stainless steel balls. The standard material for their lazy susan bearing is galvanized steel with carbon steel balls. However, using aluminum and stainless steel allows for more versatility and flexibility in terms of applications. These new turntable bearings have applications in the medical industry, in sports and recreation and in marine usage. Using a non-corrosive material allows for humidity and dampness without leading to bearing failure.

Aluminum is non-corrosive, low-cost, light and strong, even in frigid temperatures. This makes it a great fit for outdoor usage, such as tennis ball machines, boating or other recreational activities. It’s also utilized in the medical industry for its hygienic washability and rust-resistance.

This custom option is available in 4 and 6 inch sizes and in high volume only.

About Triangle Manufacturing
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source: PR Web