What’s Rolling at Shanghai Bearing Expo 2020 – [with picture gallery]


This year, China’s premiere bearing expo was noticeably different from that of past years. While the event maintained much of the same structure and overall character, circumstances certainly forced changes to the 2020 expo. At a time when the world is navigating the ravaging effects of the coronavirus pandemic, it has become a necessity for organizers of these largely attended events to prioritize health over all else. For this reason, the event which was originally scheduled to take place on May 13-16, was rescheduled to December 9-12. In a testament to China’s successful handling of the Coronavirus, the re-scheduled event went as planned.

December 9th 2020 marked the 17th China International Bearing Expo, after organizers jointly cooperated to host two simultaneous exhibitions. The China Bearing Industry Association (CBIA), effectively banded together with the China General Machinery Industry Association (CGMA), to form the overall event. The exhibition that ran parallel to the Bearing Expo, was the “Tenth China International Fluid Machinery Exhibition (IFME 2020).”
This joint event provided an additional opportunity for attendees, as the two industries are closely related. The 4-day expo took place within the National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai with the participation of 811 exhibitors from the bearing industry.

China’s International Bearing Expo has historically been a prized opportunity for businesses to showcase their unique abilities and interact face to face with potential customers. Likewise, customers from all over the world are treated to the graciousness of the Chinese culture while staying up to date in regard to changes within the industry. The relatively short 4-day period proves to be a fruitful opportunity for many, and an overall positive mark on the bearing industry as a whole. The show generally contains all types of bearings as well as bearing industry equipment. Additionally, the Expo is vital in providing a platform for business discussions. The entirety of the event is filled primarily with business to business (B2B) interactions, technical seminars, and unique access to industry experts. The popularity and success of this event has routinely attracted international visitors on a bi-annual basis.

This year’s event maintained those same goals, although this largely international event was understandably hosting a more domestic crowd. As travel restrictions remain in place for much of the world, and with many countries returning to strategies of national lockdowns to contain COVID-19, the presence of international guests was very limited. Similarly, procedural precautions were taken to ensure the safety of attendees. This came in the form of stricter safety protocols including temperature checks, mask mandates, and further coordinated efforts to ensure the well-being of everyone in attendance. Although there was certainly a much heavier proportion of domestic Chinese participants, in the tumultuous year of 2020, we must applaud those who were capable of putting on such an exhibition. China remains a pivotal player in the international bearing industry and will for years to come. Even when faced with adversity, the international members of the global bearing community and particularly in this case the CBIA have found ways to convene.

For all those who could not make it to the Shanghai Bearing Expo due to the existing travel restrictions, or any other unforeseen reason, do not fret. There is a wonderful opportunity to connect with your Chinese and international counterparts in early 2021. Online BEARING EXPO & B2B MEETINGS will be held “live” online March 15-17. This event is unlike traditional online events in that it will capture all of the features of an in-person expo. Those who sign up have the opportunity to connect directly with other participants through direct B2B video or chat. Participants can speed network with manufacturers, distributors, and all other solution providers. Likewise, the event will host an online exhibition area with full video meeting and chat functionality.

For more information about this event and to hear first-hand experiences from those in attendance at the Shanghai International Bearing Expo, please reference the ZWZ, XLB, K2TECH links, where you can find exclusive interviews from the BEARING NEWS team at the venue.

You can contact us at [email protected] for all your further questions regarding the upcoming meeting sessions with China Bearing manufacturers at the BEARING EXPO & B2B MEETINGS event.