XCMG Launches Industry’s First Kiloton Crane Virtual Simulation Training System


A groundbreaking crane virtual simulation training system loaded with multiple pioneering core technologies of its legendary XCA1600 all-terrain crane

“In the actual scale 3D scene, the system enables operators to easily master essential skills, quickly and accurately through truly simulated visual, auditory and tactile senses. The fully immersive experience makes operator training more professional, precise, convenient and efficient by integrating video presentation, VR helmet, digital gloves and more,” said Wang MinChairman and CEO of XCMG.

Short clip of simulation training system, please visit here

XCMG first introduced virtual technology in 2011. Led by the customer service center, a virtual simulation project team was jointly established by XCMG’s Crane Research Institute, Control Research Institute, Industrial Design Institute, Information Management Department and general assembly factory, as 12 R&D staff and technical experts developed the virtual simulation training system for QAY500 all-terrain crane in eight months.

It was the first training system for super-tonnage cranes in the construction machinery industry at home and broad, adopting real cabin, control unit, display and control panel to resemble an actual operating environment with consistent control parameters. It also realized the virtual installation and operation of six major working conditions after breaking through the technical barriers of super lift and luffing jib simulations.

XCMG adopted the all-new display, control and operating system in 2018 after launching the G-1 generation technology in the kiloton all-terrain cranes. The virtual simulation project team promptly restarted the project and developed an upgraded training system for kiloton all-terrain cranes in six months, with a self-developed control program that carries out multiple purposes of each machine to reduce hardware investment in future upgrades and save development costs.

The original torque display system created by XCMG can complete interactive operation and data display of super lift, wind power boom and luffing jib, plus one-click unlocking and tensioning as well as autorotation of the wind power boom. This training system utilizes the wind power hoisting scenarios of the largest scale that supports operators to quickly master the skills.

XCMG upgraded the kiloton all-terrain crane virtual simulation training system again in 2020 with the XCA1600 as a prototype, featuring programs for the telescopic system, dual-cylinder head display and control. The upgrade also realized switching of different products and programs to cover training of products ranging from 800 to 1,600 tons.

In 2021, XCMG established the crane training center that focuses on training operators for small and medium tonnage cranes.

“Operation training carried out in actual vehicles not only produces fuel consumption and equipment wear and tear, but also has certain safety concerns so in order to avoid the risks and reduce training costs, the center is planning on upgrading the virtual simulation training system to include simulations for small and medium tonnage cranes, so that we can cover the full tonnage range as well as multiple combinations that suit different training conditions while saving costs,” said Sun Jianzhong, VP of XCMG and General Manager of XCMG Hoisting Machinery Business.

As of now, XCMG has trained 1,520 classes of large- and super-tonnage crane operators who are taking lead roles in major construction projects across China.

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