ZWZ at China Bearing Expo


Q1: What is your main product? (please give us one single product and id/od range)

A1: Our main products include:

Wind Power bearings, Automotive bearings, Railway bearings,Metallurgical bearings, Cement bearing(ROLL PRESS, VERTICAL MILL), Construction machinery bearings, Power transmission bearings(Gear box), Other heavy industry bearings( drilling, ship drive, oil machinery). From ID25 up to OD 17000mm.

Q2: What other products do you produce? (different than your main product)

A2: We also supply market rollers, cages, grease and bearing inspection devices.

Q3: What is the quality level of your product?

A3: ZWZ bearing quality level listed on Top 1 in China, ZWZ bearings are preferential for key applications.

Q4: Which investments are you planning for the coming years?

A4: 6% of sales will be used for investment, to enlarge production capacity and increase quality.

Q5: Which are your 3 main markets?

A5: Our main market locate in China, Europe and India.

Q6: On which publications, platforms and exhibitions can potential customers find you during 2021?

A6: Bearingnews, Bearingnet, Directindustry. I haven’t got any positive exhibition message till now, but I think Hannover Expo, Mining industries exhibition hold in USA, Chile, Australia, Bauma Exhibition in Shanghai and Europe, and other industries exhibition hold in Vietnam, Korea, Japan, Indonesia are good opportunity for customers to find us. We also think the on-line exhibition is very important channel to contact customers.

Q7: What is your impression about the Shanghai Bearing expo 2020?

A7: No foreign customers, even domestic visitors are very little, but people still hope to develop more domestic markets through the exhibition. I found many small and new bearing factories presented this time. “It is worthy to be here, even communicate with some old customers is valuable”. One boss of small bearing factory said to me.

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Mr. Chen Yingsheng
Wafangdian Bearing Company limited (ZWZ)
[email protected]